PSG throw the door open, Juve slam theirs shut – the winners and losers from across Europe

The European first legs were embarrassing for English teams, as only Manchester City managed to record a win.

But in the end, there was no need to fear those pesky Europeans. All three English teams are through in the Europa League, and with Manchester United drawn with Liverpool in the next round, at least one English team will make the quarters of the Europa League. Rejoice. Nice work propping up the coefficient, lads.

City and Chelsea, meanwhile, have varying degrees of opportunity in their Champions League second legs. Are we winding the clock back a decade when the Premier League reigned supreme? Probably not.

This week’s European round-up is sick of taking in the sights of imposing medieval cathedrals and is packing up to interrail off to somewhere sunnier. We sleep uncomfortably on overnight trains – with one eye open and one hand firmly clasped around our backpack at all times – so you don’t have to; and all to bring you the winners and losers from across the continent this weekend.

You’re welcome.