Finally, Leicester City Won the Premier League after 30 Years Dry Spell


Finally, Leicester City Won the Premier League after 30 Years Dry Spell

For the season 2015-2016, the unbelievable happened! Leicester city (also referred to as the Foxes) surprised many of the football fans around the globe by being crowned the champions. The Foxes really did a wonderful job, from almost being relegated the previous season to the top of the table of the most watched football league worldwide. Big football clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City could not be able to stop The Foxes to their big, almost unrealistic dream of lifting the English Premier League Cup. Tottenham hotspurs were the closest and ones that gave a lot of pressure to the league leaders. Almost to the end of the league, their dream was shuttered when Chelsea (defending Champions) came from two down to claim a draw. This meant that Leicester City had already won the English Premier League title.

English Premier League

It is a professional league that is played in England and it is widely known as EPL (English Premier League).The league is comprised of 20 football clubs that compete during each season which runs from August to May. Every season, some clubs (3 in number) are either promoted to the league or relegated. Two clubs get promoted from Championship while the third is gotten from series of play offs between the teams in third to sixth placed positions in the Championship. Clubs from Wales can also compete in the Premier League if they qualify when they play in the English Football League.

All of the 20 member clubs that play in the English Premier League acts as shareholders of the corporation. Most of the matches are played on weekends (Saturday or Sunday).Each contesting club has two fixtures against each of the remaining clubs. This means that for a season it plays twice against each of the remaining nineteen clubs .One of the fixture is played at home whereas the other is played at the opponent’s stadium. Thus at the end of the season, each club has played 38 matches. 

Ranking is done based on the points, goal difference as well as goals scored. Three points are awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no point for a loss. In the case of two clubs tying on every aspect of ranking and it is necessary to have one i.e for a qualification, and then they’ll go for a play-off that will determine the rank. The play-off will be at a neutral venue for fairness.

Four top clubs in the English Premier League qualify to play in the UEFA Champion’s league. Three top clubs qualify directly while the fourth one is set for a play-off for which it is a must that it wins in a two-legged knockout for it to qualify in to the group stages.

The English Premier League is the mostly watched football league across the globe. It is seen by most as the most toughest competition in the world in which every single participating club poses same threat as the other i.e it is not easy to scoop points from your opponent. In the recent years, clubs in premier league are spending huge sums of money to buy world class players.