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Best Websites That Offer Online Auctions

 It is easy to get a great deal in online auctions. These websites offer you with amazing deals on almost everything including clothing, books, cars, houses, even land. Besides availing products at a low cost, these websites also offers an amazing variety and choice. Today many people prefer these online auctions because they them get high-quality products without breaking the bank. Here are the best auction websites available today. 
This is one of the oldest and largest auction website that offers a large variety of auction products from clothes to diamonds to real estate. The sellers use this website to sell anything they do not need and buyers can bid or buy it instantly. There are literally millions of products that sell on this website every day. The wide variety will help you to find exactly what you need with ease. 


Auction King 

Unlike other online auctions, Auction King specializes in a particular niche. They feature luxury items like jewelry, fine art, and collectibles, which are gathered from a number of different sources like liquidation, confiscated goods, and closeout sales. Auction King’s proprietary platform creates the same feeling of excitement you’d get at live auction. 
This is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with disabilities. It has retail stores throughout the US and a website as well, which is a collaborative effort between all of the stores. This website offers a variety of all sort of items including cameras, sports equipment, and tools. If you love giving back to society, this is a great place to do so, as the proceeds go to helping those with disabilities. Besides, you will get a better deal than purchasing what you need in a local store. 
Instead of using the cash bidding system, credits are used on this website, which technically makes all of the items free. Users of Listia list the products they are not using anymore and other Listia users use the credits they earn from referring friends to bid on the product. The user can also use the credit they get from selling their merchandise from the site. The user who bids the most credits takes the product home.  
If you would want to get a product from well-recognized brands but have a limited budget, then this is a great choice to try your luck. This website offers the user with leftover inventory from well-known brands such as Dell, Sony, etc. Since most of this inventory are discounted, it is easy to find a great deal. 
When the government replaces or updates their items like automobiles or computers, they offer them to the public through auction. Although the items are used, it is easy to find a well-functioning product at a very low price. Items from these auctions include cars, computers, and land among others. 
Property Room  
In the course of law enforcement, there are many items that are confiscated from offenders. Instead of destroying these items, the Property room makes these items available to citizens through public police auctions.  
IRS Auctions 
Another online auction website that you can get great deals is the IRS Treasury Auction site. Going through the website can help you to find items for low prices that you won’t find anywhere else. The items available on the site are under the authority of the Internal Revenue Code. They are normally seized or acquired because of the owner didn’t pay their taxes. 
Auction Zip 
If you prefer getting items from live auctions, then Auction Zip is a great resource. This website allows you to live stream online auctions and bid for the items at the same time as those who are on the actual floor. This website has a dedicated web browser that allows you to access different auctions globally and get it on all the action without having to purchase special tools of downloading software.  
Similar to GovDeals, this website offers the users with the opportunity of purchasing something the government doesn’t need anymore. This website is dedicated to selling items from government agencies, authorities, schools, as well as utilities to sell the forfeitures and surplus to the public. You can get almost everything from this site including cars, furniture, kitchen equipment, computers and much more. 
This unique auction site mainly deals with traditional estate liquidation. Most of the items here are from businesses or households that are being liquidated. You can use this website when you need to sell items because of various reasons including moving, bankruptcy, downsizing, divorce, or death.  
There you have it. Using any of these auction sites can help you to find something you have always dreamed of having but could not afford from local stores. 

How I Discovered Magnetic Lashes

magnetic lashes

I had not known about magnetic lashes until I attended a wedding rehearsal of my friend. Most girls in the rehearsal including the bride were wearing magnetic lashes which took their looks to another level. 

I asked about the lashes, and they said they were referred to as magnetic lashes. I did not want to waste more time asking. But, the looks they had were excellent.  

I decided to go online and research about the magnetic lashes. A Google ad popped up explaining about the lashes, and I followed the link to a company which makes them. It was One Two Cosmetics, and their magnetic lashes, called One Two Lash, were highly sold due to their great ability to reveal the beauty in people. 

magnetic lashes

From my experience, I knew lashes worked through use of adhesives and glues which were hectic to wear. But, to my surprise, the company advertised the lashes as being glue free. I don’t need to apply any adhesive substance before I can start enjoying the great looks. The lashes can adhere to the lashes through a magnetic mechanism. It was a great deal, and I decided to order online. It was not long before the lashes were delivered. 

How to apply One Two magnetic lashes 

Take the top piece of the One Two Magnetic Lashes out of the case and apply 

The lashes are delicate. You should use the tip of your index finger and the thumb to hold the piece. Use the soft tips so that you can avoid damage to the lashes. There are clear details on how you should hold the lashes. At first, you may be worried, but it is a simple process provided you follow the right steps. 

Align the top lashes on the top of your natural lashes 

After you remove the top lashes from the case, you will have to place them on top of your natural lashes. Ensure you align the end of the magnetic lashes to the end of your natural lashes so that they can bring out a natural look. Let the two lashes rest in the position as you proceed to take out the other piece. 

Take out the bottom lash and repeat the step you followed in applying the top lash 

You should have the top and bottom lashes aligned so that you can have a natural look. The difference between the top and lower lash is determined due to the presence of a red dot on the bottom lash. 

Adjust until the magnets connect 

The lashes use magnetic forces to attract each other where they will sandwich your natural lashes in between them. You should adjust the lower lashes until you feel the attraction force between them. The two lashes sandwich the natural lashes which makes you achieve a natural look without application of glue. 

Blink few times to test your lashes 

For you to know whether the lashes have aligned each other well, you should blink few times so that you can know whether they have aligned each other. If you blink and you realize they don’t feel natural, you can remove them and reapply. It is a simple two-stage process which you can accomplish in minutes before you leave your dressing mirror. 

How-To Remove One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes 

The process of removing One Two magnetic lashes is very easy. You will have to pinch the middle of the two lashes and disconnect the magnetic attraction so that you can remove them. They don’t use glue which makes the whole process of applying the lashes effortlessly. You will find them very enjoyable. I had tried other types which use glue before, but I realized I was wasting a lot of pieces before I can find the perfect fit. 

The wedding pictures I took after wearing the lashes were stunning. There are different designs of the lashes available at One Two Cosmetics, but I decided to wear the accent lash, and they made me achieve the perfect look I had been dreaming of having. The lashes made me achieve the best in an important day of my life. They are among the beauty kits I can recommend to anybody looking to achieve a great look on her big day. Value for money is guaranteed upon wearing the magnetic lashes. 


The Evolution of Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent

Spring 2013.

CreditValerio Mezzanotti for The New York Times

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Skin Deep: The Last Word on Red Carpet Hair: Let It Be

From left, Kate Winslet, Emily Blunt and Saoirse Ronan. Credit From left, Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Valerie Macon/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images; Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

What’s a hun? For that bit of insider intelligence, you would have to turn to Alicia Vikander, who stepped up to claim her best supporting actress statuette at the Oscars on Sunday, her glossy hair tumbling fast and loose from a lazy half-bun at her crown.

But when it came to emphatically underdone chic, Ms. Vikander had nothing on Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan, Emily Blunt and Margot Robbie, each of whom turned her back on the highly lacquered, stiffly sculpted up-dos that dominated Oscars past in favor of a free-form tumble of waves, one of the freshest, least contrived looks to emerge on the red carpet in years.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that the Oscars seemed a little less stuffy this year,” the Hollywood stylist Jen Atkin said. Though she was not in town for the ceremony, Ms. Atkin’s fresh-from-the-shower stylistic signature carried the night.

“Stars are embracing something more modern and effortless,” said Ms. Atkin, whose high-wattage clients have included Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry and the whole of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

From left, Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen and Alicia Vikander. Credit Left, Christopher Polk/Getty Images; center and right, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

High time, too. It seems that the Oscars, which has traditionally limped a few paces behind the style curve, has caught up at last. For evidence, there was a heavily pregnant Ms. Teigen, whose artfully mussed hair was arranged in a wispy fishtail braid. Kerry Washington also opted for a starch-free style, her hair falling from a back-combed mound at her crown and clasped into a raffish ponytail.

Ms. Ronan and Ms. Blunt were loosely coifed in a manner that actually reflected the way many style-savvy women want to look now.

It’s no news to younger women, Ms. Atkin pointed out, “that looser strands can give a bit of an edgy finish.”

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For sure, those strands are the emphatically casual counterpoint to the showy regalia that so often accompanies Oscars night — the tonsorial equivalent of flat shoes or a well-worn leather jacket.

Frenchwomen have long embraced this free-flowing wash-and-wear style. Not least among them is the Parisian stylist Odile Gilbert, whose wizardry at the Altuzarra fall show in New York last month was a talking point, with models like Jamie Bochert and Binx Walton flaunting natural hair with a hint of lift and movement.

“It’s the hair they were born with,” Ms. Gilbert told at the time.

Interpreted on American shores as the kind of salt-sprayed “beach hair” favored by models and their myriad imitators, the look has considerable staying power.

As Ms. Atkin maintained, “Model-off-duty will never go out of style.”

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