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cbd hemp oil - cbd benefits

Cannabis research during recent years has identified CBD hemp oil (cannabidiol oil) to be the component responsible for many of marijuana’s health and medical benefits. CBD hemp oil does not have any of the colorful effect of feeling of high that is often associated with the common marijuana high. It usually does not have a lot of the noticeable side effects after it has been isolated.

CBD hemp oil has often been praised for its outstanding effects on epilepsy, but recent research on this cannabis component has uncovered that it may be responsible for a whole plethora of the potential cannabis benefits. This is great news for people who would like to use marijuana in treatment but don’t want to experience that “high” effects from the THC. Read on to see some of the potential uses for CBD oil that are being researched right now!

1. Cigarette Addiction

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial study was carried out. 24 smokers were chosen randomly to receive either an inhaler of placebo or of CBD oil. All the participants in the study were asked to take a puff any time that they felt an urge to smoke a cigarette. In the course of the week, those smokers who had inhalers with placebo had no change in the amount of cigars that they consumed, but those who were using the inhaler with CBD had nearly 40% drop in their cigarette intake. This showed that CBD hemp oil can be very useful in quitting smoking as it helps reduce the urge for nicotine intake.

2. Acne

A study that was carried out and published uncovered that CBD hemp oil can be used to treat acne. Researchers used Cannabidiol on the sebaceous glands of humans and they concluded that CBD hemp oil is a highly effective anti inflammatory agent and an effective sebostatic since it inhibits synthesis of lipids.

3. Diabetes

A study that was carried out using CBD showed that use of CBD hemp oil helped halt diabetes in mice. Even though the CBD didn’t have a direct effect on glucose levels, the treatment prevented production of Interleukin 12. Interleukin 12 plays an important part in many auto-immune diseases.

4. Fibromyalgia

The most often used treatments of fibromyalgia are opioid pain medications, corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory medications. A study carried out in 2011 that focused on treatment of fibromyalgia using CBD hemp oil produced results that were very promising for future use in treatments. Half of the test subjects used traditional methods for treatment while the other half used cannabidiol to treat their condition. Those that used cannabidiol saw a lot of improvement while those that used traditional methods of treatment did not.

5. Mad Cow Disease/Prion

CBD hemp oil has been used to counter the effects of proteins responsible for neurodegenerative illnesses like mad cow and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. These proteins are known as prions. During a study that was published in 2007 in the Journal of Neuroscience the forming and accumulating of prions was prevented with the help of cannabidiol. Infected mice that used CBD increased their survival by a week.

cbd hemp oil - cbd oil benefits

6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / PTSD

Cannabidiol contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-anxiety effects that are evident after ingestion by soothing the user. PTSD patients and victims often find relief by using CBD hemp oil, since it helps them overcome stress and anxiety. These antipsychotic benefits give a stable psychological environment for the users.

7. Schizophrenia

German researchers in 2012 published a study in the journal Translational Psychiatry.CBD hemp oil and the potent antipsychotic Amisulpride were compared in a group of 42 schizophrenic patients. Both treatments were effective but the side-effects of CBD were much more mild and better.

8. Crohn’s disease

Some researchers suggest CBD can be a good treatment for diseases affecting the bowels like Crohn’s disease. CBD and THC act together with the assembly responsible for proper gut functioning. Cannabis’ anti-inflammatory ability causes a lot of relief for patients suffering from this kind of condition.

9. Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers at Cajal Institute decided to use cell structures and animal models to discover that CBD countered inflammatory responses at the same time serving protection from multiple sclerosis. Test animals that had 10 days of CBD oil treatment showed improvement in their conditions and had stronger motor skills. This information proved that CBD can reduce a number of aspects of multiple sclerosis.

10. Insomnia

The main side effect of CBD hemp oil is fatigue, but for a lot of people, this is what they seek. Pharmaceuticals used for helping people sleep are usually addictive; cannabidiol tends to be the safest bet. When combating insomnia CBD can help knock you out.

The list of beneficial uses for CBD hemp oil can go on and on. These are just 10 of the many helpful ways CBD oil is starting a revolution in the medical field.

As with any supplement, be sure to talk to your doctor before adding to your daily dietary intake. CBD oil is safe for almost anyone to use, but the only way to really be sure is to check with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit: A How-To

plus size swimsuit

plus size swimsuitWhen choosing a plus size swimsuit, you must ensure that it fits in size, body shape, and design. Other aspects such as color, the details, and prints come second but they are important. It is about having a swimsuit that brings out the best parts of your body and gives you the gorgeous deserving look. There are many swimsuits in the market. Moreover, the designs for swimsuit for curvy women are evolving. The challenge that most women face is to choose the perfect plus sized swimsuit. The variety is vast, your option range from sultry animal print to ruched pieces and that is why you will need some help to select the perfect swimsuit if plus size is yours.

What to look when choosing a plus size swimsuit

The primary aspect that any plus size woman should look for when selecting plus size swimsuit is the type of support that is built to the suit. It is important to know that a suit that comes with a built-in bra has a firmer support than one that has a shelf bra. Look out for a swimsuit that is sized to the standard bra sizes. Those that have underwired bra have better support. You may also find swimsuits that are constructed with two layers that have outer and inner layers.

Plus size is not a general size but a measure that is simply larger than the regular size. Women who wear plus size have different body shapes and need varied design of swimsuits that matches their shape. There are varied character of shapes. Look out for what matches your shape.

If you are a pear shape then look for a pear shape suit and if you are an apple shape then that is what you should look for in the shape of the suit that you buy. Your breast size determines the your selection of swimsuit with regards to the size and shape of the bra.

plus size swimsuitThe other thing that you need to consider is your self-confidence, personal style, and how comfortable you feel in the suit. With regards to self-confidence, you will select a suit that makes you feel good about yourself. There are different designs that you will find in the market. You can select the two piece instead of the bikini you may also opt for bottoms and tops that are procured separately but makes you feel good.

Then there is personal style. This goes by your usual fashion preference. The design, color, shape, and fabric may influence your fashion preference. There may be a reason why you have preference for a particular style in bikini wear. You can still find your wish as you consider other aspects when selecting your swimwear.

A tankini top gives you less support compared to a one piece. However, you get to enjoy freedom of movement. You may consider selecting tank tops that have full coverage and sturdy straps. They often bring out the best in plus size women. However, the ultimate decision depends on your personal fashion style and what has been working for you.

Tips towards choosing the style that fits you

It is important that you compliment your full-figure physique while taking advantage of the body type that you have with the right plus size swimsuit. If you have a triangle or pear shaped body, meaning you have small shoulders and busts but with large hips, legs, or thighs, you should consider swimsuits that make people look upwards. It is essential that you wear what highlights your upper body by having pieces that come in bright colors with designs at the top. They should then have dark colors at the bottom. The tops that accentuate essential features that you would want to show are encouraged. Try skirtinis, tankini or one pieces that have tops with bright colors.

Inverted triangle shape or apple shape

If you have wider shoulders or stomach but you have a narrow waist and hips then the opposite of the pear shape applies. You should have a suit that trims the tummy with bright colors where you need attention to be drawn. Consider shirred styles because they bring out a narrow waist. V-necks and surplices should be able to flatter the bust line. You may also wear all over prints suits.

Hourglass shape

If you have larger chest and hips but narrow waist you are considered an hourglass because you are proportioned on top and at the bottom. The same rule applies. You select swimming wears that bring out your strengths. If you have a slim waist then the swimsuit should emphasize that. The styles that will bring out the best in you are basically every style that fits plus size.

Round shape

This shape is for those who have full shoulders and hips in addition to a round waist. You can have a slender effect by selecting the right plus size swimsuit. The right suits are those that have a slimmer waist effect on you. shirred or surplice styles that have bold patterns at the top are ideal. They should also be dark towards the bottom. Select swimsuits that come with waist slimming effects.

Rectangle shape

If you have straight proportions, then this is where you stand. This class of women is equal from shoulders to hips. The ideal swimwear is one that brings out the waistline. Consider belted swimwear.

plus size swimsuit


Anybody, regardless of their size, can look fabulous in a swimsuit. The first step towards getting the right plus size swimsuit that will give you that elegant look is knowing your shape. You have to know the shape of your body to be able to make the right decision on the suit that will bring out the best of you. It does not take much after that. With these hints, you will definitely get a sexier look by making the right decision when selecting and shopping for a plus size swimsuit. However, the size must be right and the design comfortable.

5 Steps to Choosing a Bandeau One Piece or Bikini 

bandeau one piece

5 Steps to Choosing a Bandeau One Piece or Bikini 

How do you usually wear your bandeau bathing suit? The way you look is very important, especially during summer. Majority of the bandeau bathing suits contain one essential feature that makes them unique and also separates them from other bathing suits.  
The top of the bandeau bathing suit is usually a sweetheart neckline and doesn’t have any straps or bands. For the most part, it looks like a tube top that has an attached or a separate bottom. This mainly depends on its style and type: is it a bandeau one piece swimsuit or a bikini style? 
Occasionally, this makes wearing the bathing suit only relevant for certain body types and situations. Therefore, it’s important to learn how you can wear a bandeau bathing suit as well as when to wear it. Below are 5 steps you can use to learn how to wear this suit and the best time of wearing it. 
Step 1: Wearing the bandeau bathing suit for sun tanning 
Wearing a bandeau will help you during sun tanning since this type of bathing suit doesn’t contain any cords or straps. Therefore, it will won’t leave any tan lines on your neck or shoulders. 
For an outstanding sun tanning look, select a bandeau bathing suit that cinch between your breasts such that your cleavage can get tanned easily. This should happen when you plan on wearing a dress or a low-cut top. You can also tie a ribbon at the center of the bandeau one piece top to help clench it between the breasts. 
Step 2: Avoiding wearing the strapless bandeau for swimming 
It’s also important not to wear a strapless bandeau bathing suit for swimming because the suits have no straps or cords for holding your bikini top up. It will most probably slip down immediately you decide to take a stroke. This also applies to any other athletic activities. The good news is that many bandeau styles out there come with removable straps! Just make sure the straps are fastened to the suit. 
You should choose a bathing suit that offers you more support while making you feel comfortable. In case you have already bought this bandeau type of bathing suit and can’t do without activities, ensure that the suit you intend to use is fitted before going out. If you’re worried about the fit, turn the suit inside out, pinch any loose amount of its fabric at the back, and then pin the fabric. 

bandeau one piece

Opt for a bandeau one piece with removable straps, like this one from G. Sonsie.

Step 3: Choosing the right size of your bandeau one piece
You need to consider the size of your chest before buying the bathing suits. Do you have a big or a small chest? It’s recommended that you choose a bandeau bathing suit if you have a small chest. This is because the style of the bandeau draws more attention to a woman’s cleavage while simultaneously not offering a lot of support for women with large breasts. 
Also, a strip of fabric found across the lower torso and chest makes you have an hourglass figure. Hence, this type of bathing suits works perfectly well for women with boyish-type figures. 

Step 4: Adjusting the top of your bandeau suit if you’re flat-chested 
If your chest is flat or you wear a small cup size, look for a bandeau that is adjustable in the back clasp, or simply find one that fits. That being said, finding the perfect swimsuit is not always a walk in the park. You can adjust adjust the top of that bathing suit by pinching the fabric found between the breasts and then pin it with a beautiful brooch or pin. If this isn’t done, your top will resemble a bandage. 

Step 5: Staying away from the suit if your bust is too large 
Not too long ago, women with large busts would be advised to stay away from a bandeau one piece design, simply because it wasn’t designed with large women in mind and couldn’t hold or support large breasts. Times have changed though. Many designers and brands have branched out and added larger sizes to their pre-existing lines and have even created new collections designed specifically for women with large breasts and plus size women. These options, specifically the bandeau one piece, tankini, and bikini, have underwire, soft cups, and other techniques to offer support.

Jewelry: In Jewelry, Matching Just Isn’t Cool Any More

“Even around 15 years ago when I first started out, I always felt I looked older in a full set of diamonds or matching diamond earrings,” she said. “I wanted to break the codes — to do something more cool and rock ’n’ roll.”

Messika’s latest high jewelry line, themed around 1920s Paris, includes the lobe-hugging Roaring Diamonds that combine a flamboyant ear cuff with a more pared-back twin, featuring inverted pear-shaped diamonds. The diamond cluster Mata Hari pair — again one large and the other small — evoked the flair and boldness of its namesake, the Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was executed in 1917 for espionage. The design nearly covers the entire ear, which is partly why Ms. Messika went with what she called one “wow piece” and a softer one. “Otherwise it’s too bling-bling.”

On the fine jewelry side, the tribal-themed Thea triangle studs come in clashing sizes or a strand version that misfits long with short. Fashion, as ever, is Ms. Messika’s cue. “Wearing a very precious and delicate diamond today is like pairing frayed, ripped jeans with a beautiful pair of designer shoes. It’s more unexpected. I like the mix of sensibilities.”

Mata Hari earrings from Messika. The center stones are surrounded by a half-setting of brilliant-cut diamonds to create a ripple effect. Credit Dmitry Kostyukov for The New York Times

In the designer’s new collaboration with Gigi Hadid, a G-shaped earring is adorned with a single diamond to create a pared-back version of Messika’s best-selling three-diamond Move earrings — and priced at 840 euros ($980) in an effort to entice a younger (if fairly well-heeled) clientele.

At, individual earrings offer a strong statement look, Ms. Kingman said, like Gucci’s chunky lapel-grazing bee earring in gray crystal and faux pearls or Saint Laurent’s punk-like 3D-carved wheat stalk in gold and silver.

“By purchasing two single earrings and wearing them together, you essentially buy into two trends in one go,” she said.

The retail arrangement also puts styling into the wearer’s hands. At the Australian brand Alinka, founded by the St. Petersburg-born Alina Barlow, now based in Sydney, customers can buy its funky, rebellious earrings as either singles or pairs. The diamond Katia studs, for example, are designed as either one cross or a trio that extends up the ear, creating the illusion of multiple piercings, and are available in white or black diamonds. The Kremlin star-inspired Stasia stack a large and a small bejeweled stars, and is equipped with a detachable post so the pieces can be worn two ways or combined with other earrings. Like the Katia, they come in either black or white diamonds.

From Dior, Plaisir Champêtre Saphir is united by sapphires, but one dangles from a stem of tsavorite garnets, while the other has a bouquet of pink sapphires, emeralds, turquoise, yellow diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines and lacquer blooms.

“I wanted a woman to wear whatever mix she feels on the day,” Ms. Barlow said. “The idea is to build up your own collection.” An individual earring in the O Drop group — a long gold chain that attaches to any stud earring — could extend the repertoire.

Fans of asymmetrical styling tend be more “fashion-forward and experimental,” Ms. Barlow said but they are not all young. “I had a woman in her 60s try on the pieces and loved the mix.”

The Stone jewelry brand in Paris, the Danish house Georg Jensen and fashion-designer-turned jeweler Diane Kordas are other makers who have included single earrings in their collections.

But some of the most traditional haute joaillerie houses have been seduced by asymmetry as well.

In July during the couture shows in Paris, the Est Une Fête collection by Chaumet paid homage to four venues with music at their center, with the punchy Rhapsodie transatlantique, inspired by the Metropolitan Opera House, looking like a colorful burst of fireworks. A pair of white and yellow gold earrings were akin in size but the colors were chosen for contrast: a 9.5-carat yellow-green Ceylon sapphire was joined with an 8.88-carat violet Madagascar sapphire, and both were lit up by Umba garnets, brilliant-cut diamonds and champagne diamonds.

Bibi van der Velden banana earrings.

At Dior, where Versailles’ gardens were muse, the creative director Victoire de Castellane called her asymmetric earrings “couples.” Plaisir Champêtre Saphir, for example, was united by sapphires, but one was square, dangling from a stem of tsavorite garnets, while its sister looked like a bouquet bursting with pink sapphires, emeralds, turquoise, yellow diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines and lacquer blooms.

De Grisogono also played with color, as seen in a pair of chandelier earrings with inverted designs, each one featuring five rubies with emerald or white diamond droplets.

Offbeat shapes were the starting point for Boghossian: One set of earrings pitted a traditional hanging pear-shaped yellow diamond against a contemporary up-the-ear marquise-shaped light-brown diamond clip, both topped by marquise-cut stones. Another contrasted an emerald and a natural pearl, both swinging from slim columns of diamonds and emeralds.

“I always buy an unusual shape, even if I don’t know when I’m going to use it,” Albert Boghossian, the company’s chief executive, said. ”The less boring the stone, the more I’m dared to play with contrasts.”

The jeweler Sabine Roemer paired a simple diamond star stud with three strands of stars in sapphires and fluorites cascading from a crescent moon.

Asymmetry does give designers a creative boost. Celestial designs have been trending for a few seasons now but the London jewelry house Vant suspended mismatched moon and sun rock crystals from planetary studs, and the jeweler Sabine Roemer paired a simple diamond star stud with three strands of stars in glittering sapphires and fluorites cascading from a monochrome moon. Ms. Roemer also created an agate cameo from two stones that were bought years apart. One is a portrait in green, the other a group of women rendered in blue, and detailing in green fluorites, topaz and amethysts to harmonize it all.

“Asymmetric earrings, of course, should be matching or seem to be but there’s an element of the unexpected that I like,” Ms. Roemer said. “The look gives me the space to create within one piece.”

Bibi van der Velden, the owner and curator of the online jewelry retailer Auverture, agreed. A designer herself and self-proclaimed champion of asymmetric styles, she stocks artist-jewelers who push the form, like Ileana Makri and her mystical eye studs and Gaelle Khouri, whose latest collection of single earrings looped structural, intertwined rings.

Ms. van der Velden’s own approach to the style is especially playful, like her pair of cheeky, bejeweled monkeys gripping oversized lemon-quartz bananas, or a man maneuvering through a pink sapphire ribboned shell, his legs on one earring, head emerging from the other.

“It’s more interesting to make use of the fact that you’ve two earlobes and the pieces can communicate with each other,” Ms. van der Velden said. “Real jewelry does not have to mean boring. We all know the rules but people are continuously breaking them.”

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Up Next: The ‘Good Time’ Stylist Has Some Tips for Style on a Budget

Next Thing “I want to do the next ‘Matrix,’” said Ms. Bellizzi, who hopes to work on more films where style is a strategic element in the storytelling. Some of her favorites are the original “Blade Runner” and “Casino.” While filming “Good Time,” Josh Safdie told her to think about creating a character that someone would want to be as a Halloween costume. “That has always stuck with me,” she said.

In our overly commercialized world, creating looks can be costly and time consuming, but learning how and where to source items makes it easier and more affordable. Here are some of the tricks Ms. Bellizzi has honed along the way.

1. More is more Coco Chanel advised: “Always remove one thing before you leave the house.” For Ms. Bellizzi, this does not apply. “I think more is better,” she said. For her, no look is complete without layers of silver jewelry, including nameplate necklaces, chains of varying thickness and chokers with hanging dice, which she makes herself. She finds most of her jewelry and clothes at swap meets, learning from an early age in California that you can find unique pieces on a budget.

Ms. Bellizzi believes that when it comes to style, more is more. Credit Natalia Mantini for The New York Times

2. Do your research When Ms. Bellizzi starts a project, she puts in weeks of research, which is helpful if you’re trying to recreate a look from the past. She scours old books, photographs, magazines and even catalogs like Sears and Delia’s for inspiration. She uses her alumni pass to get into the F.I.T. library, which has a collection of Vogue magazines dating back to the ’50s.

3. Recreate a look on a dime Once you’ve done your research and have reference points for a look or pieces you want to find, you can begin shopping at thrift stores and searching the web. “I’m an eBay head,” Ms. Bellizzi said. “I get into deep holes.” Chances are, if you want something, there is someone who bought it and is sick of it. Also, you can compare and contrast prices on sites like eBay, even bidding for a better deal.

4. Offer people some $$$ It is not uncommon for Ms. Bellizzi to offer people $40 for something they’re wearing. “I ask mechanics if I can buy their shirts because they look so good,” said Ms. Beliizzi, a self-described uniform enthusiast. “There is one with navy and red stripes. It’s beautiful, and I can’t find that colorway anywhere else.

5. Stick with what works And speaking of uniforms, when Ms. Bellizzi finds something she likes, she sticks with it. For example, she has Dickies pants in at least 10 different colors. “I have all the colorways,” she said. “I can get obsessive.” She also has more than 100 pairs of hoops.

6. Mix it up Ms. Bellizzi never likes to look too matchy-matchy and never wants to be associated with one style. “I always like to be a little punk,” she said. “I always like to be a little ’hood. I always like to be a little fancy. If there’s too much of one element, I have to take something away.”

Bonus tip: It’s O.K. to splurge on one good thing. For Ms. Bellizzi, it was her Prada fanny pack.

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