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What is Fraxel and how much does Fraxel Cost?

What is Fraxel and how much does Fraxel Cost?

Fraxel is a new type of laser treatment that differs from other types by using many parallel light beams instead of the typical single ray of usual lasers. The effect is to stimulate within the skin regeneration of natural skin components creating a better and a and rejuvenated skin tone.


While a large number of people have immensely benefited from the the treatment, many still question “How much does a fraxel laser cost?”. Being concerned about the investment’s worth is understandable. But first, to answer that satisfactorily, we must take into consideration the large range of benefits the Fraxel laser brings to table in the form of quick results and painless treatment. 


What can it fix?

Fraxel can be used in cases of chronic skin damage by the external environment, such as the sun. Fraxel has multiple dermatological applications that are approved by the FDA:

Rejuvenation of smooth lines and wrinkles

  • Removes stains on the skin caused by the sun
  • Treatment of melasma and actinic keratosis
  • Treatment of changes in skin pigmentation
  • Treatment of open pores
  • Treatment of scars caused by acne and previous surgeries

The results can be seen more quickly compared to using other lasers, sometimes longer after a day can be noticed changes but the final results are expected at 3 or 4 months when the skin has completed its internal process cicatrization. The results are permanent if the patient follows the instructions of skin care, although cases pigmentation may be repeated if exposure occurs in the sun or a climate windy and cold again.

The treatment session

The treatment is performed after the application of an anesthetic cream. So there is not any pain involved. It can last between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the area of skin to be treated. Yes, the experience of the doctor involved does also matter in the total duration of the procedure. The probe moves on the skin in those areas requiring treatment several times to achieve the desired effect, after which the conduction gel is removed and you can return to your home to resume your normal life. Most of the times, you will need between 3 to 4 sessions separated by a fixed time frame that is programmed according to the recommendation of your dermatologist.

How much does a fraxel cost?

There is no fixed cost for the laser treatment, as the price varies for each patient. While it is possible to treat only desired areas, a full face Fraxel treatment costs anywhere between $800-$1200 in most clinics. It also depends on the area that you live in, the reputation of the doctor and also the severity of your skin condition. Some skin types might need aggressive treatments which cost around $3000. Each patient would have to undergo a customized treatment that is recommended by the dermatologist. The more the number of sessions, the more the cost. The average gross cost of a typical treatment, with 3 to 4 sessions ranges between $500-$1000. That being said, the cost of the treatment should not be your only deciding factor. The treatment is cutting edge and delivers satisfactory results.

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