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A Helpful Guide to Buying Amazon Probiotics

A Helpful Guide to Buying Amazon Probiotics

If you’re thinking of buying Amazon probiotics, you’ll find thousands of options. The number of choices can be overwhelming for some people to try and navigate. But if you keep a few things in mind before you start browsing, you should find that the process will be a great deal easier.


A Quick Primer on Amazon Probiotics

Before you start looking for Amazon probiotics, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of what these products are designed to do.

There are trillions of bacteria located inside the “gut,” which is basically the digestive system. Many of these microbes are beneficial to our health, but others can be harmful. The “good” and “bad” microbes are locked in a constant struggle for control. Amazon probiotics are designed to reinforce the numbers of beneficial bacteria.

Amazon Probiotics

While there are a lot of different foods that contain good microbes, such as sourdough bread, yogurt, and sauerkraut, obtaining beneficial bacteria through diet alone would be nearly impossible. You’d have to eat so much of the probiotic foods, the risk of gaining too much weight would quickly counterbalance any benefits they could provide.

That’s why so many people turn to Amazon probiotics – they help boost the numbers of beneficial microbes in the gut without the need for eating massive amounts of probiotic foods. These supplements not only provide reinforcements for the “good guys” in the gut, the best ones also ensure that you have an ample supply of the right kind of beneficial microbes.


Strains of Good Bacteria You Need

There are dozens of beneficial bacterial strains, but a certain few provide more benefits than others. When you’re looking into Amazon probiotics, make sure the products you’re considering clearly spell out the types of microbes they contain. These are just some of the ones they should include:

Bifidobacterium longum – B. longum is actually one of the first bacterial strains that develops in infants. It helps us digest and metabolize carbohydrates, and it plays an important role in the health of the gut.1,2

Lactobacillus acidophilus – This important bacterial strain helps to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes. As a result, it helps maintain the proper balance between good and bad microbes in the gut.3

Lactobacillus reuteri – L. reuteri also inhibits the development of bad bacteria in the gut and provides an added benefit of boosting the immune system, protecting us against a wide range of illnesses.4


How to Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

The label will give you a lot of clues when it comes to determining which Amazon probiotics will deliver on their promises.

First, look for the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) contained in each serving. The CFU number will tell you how many beneficial microbes you’ll be ingesting. There are some manufacturers who claim their products contain as many as 1 trillion CFUs per serving. However, they’re not only incredibly expensive, the jury is out as to whether they’re any more effective than other Amazon probiotics. Look for products that contain between 15-30 billion CFUs per serving.

You should also look for products that contain prebiotics as well as probiotics. Prebiotics are, in a nutshell, fibers that the body can’t digest – but good bacteria can. They serve as fuel for probiotics, helping them perform their jobs.

Finally, look at the labeling to check for the viability of the microbes contained in the products you’re considering. If the label says something along the lines of, “viable at time of manufacture,” there’s no guarantee the bacteria will be alive when you ingest them. If, on the other hand, it says, “viable until expiration date,” the bacteria should be ready to go to work when you take them. Just make sure you follow the storage directions so the good microbes will stay alive.

Purchasing Amazon probiotics doesn’t need to be overly complex. Just follow the above tips, and the odds are, you’ll find the perfect product for you – one with plenty of health benefits.







Turmeric: The Fat-Blasting SECRET Ingredient in SpiceFit

Fat-Blasting SECRET

Turmeric is a rhizome (root) that somewhat resembles ginger. Both members of the Zingiberaceae family, this root spice has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of natural medicine of India for its many health-boosting properties including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and antifungal abilities.(1)

Today, you can find people all over the globe using turmeric spice in their kitchens as a way to achieve faster fat loss. You see, turmeric is a common flavoring that also acts as your weight loss secret because it works to boost a fat-burning process also known as thermogenesis.(2)


How Does Turmeric Boost Fat Burning?

When consumed, turmeric promotes heat production in the body (thermogenesis). As the turmeric spice heats things up inside your fat cells it also helps to burn the fat away. This action has been suggested as a potential therapy against obesity. But that’s not the only way turmeric supports fat burning through thermogenesis. In the same study, researchers found that curcumin (the active phyto-chemical of turmeric) was able to reduce fat cell growth to aid in weight loss.(3)

Turmeric also works to help reduce powerful cravings for sugary beverages, processed snack foods, and even fast food, too! Due to its beneficial effects on a hormone produced in your body called insulin, turmeric may help to lower chronically high blood sugar levels. This could be good news for people struggling with chronically high blood sugar levels – a major cause of food cravings.(4)


How to Use Turmeric in the Kitchen

Turmeric is a highly versatile root herb that can spice up just about any dish. And with such a unique flavor there is really no end to how many ways you can use turmeric at home in your own kitchen! Top your favorite side dishes like salads, or potatoes with it, blend it into your favorite smoothie, or juice recipes, or even use it as a nutrient booster in soups, stews, and spreads. The flavor of turmeric is one you’ll love, and the health benefits go on, and on.

The color of turmeric is also exciting as it adds a bright yellow tone to any dish. Responsible for the yellow color of mustard, turmeric powder is a great way to bring deviled eggs, quinoa, and rice dishes to life!


Golden Milk Turmeric Tea

This is a traditional recipe for turmeric tea, used for centuries in holistic Indian medicine (Ayurveda) as a way to boost the immune system, and also offer the many health benefits of this fat-burning spice in a bioavailable liquid. Here’s how to make it.


Golden Milk Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of milk, or milk alternative like almond, or hemp seed
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • ¼ – ½ tsp of organic turmeric powder, or shavings of the fresh root
  • 1 large pinch of freshly ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg powder
  • 1 small pinch of saffron powder
  • Drizzle raw honey to taste


Ingredient in SpiceFit



Warm the milk in a small to medium-sized saucepan, while stirring occasionally to keep the milk from burning. When the milk is warm, you can slowly add in the spices. Continue to stir the mixture constantly, until it is all fully incorporated. Take the pan off of direct heat, and allow it to cool slowly. When the golden milk has reached a drinkable temperature, you can add in the honey. Garnish the turmeric tea with a sprinkle of saffron powder, and add in a fresh cinnamon stick if you want to garnish the drink.

Serve, sip, and enjoy! This turmeric golden tea is delicious any time of day, but it is also ideal for a late night elixir to lull you into dreamland.


Can SpiceFit Work For Me?

Turmeric is just one of the spices included in the SpiceFit formula for it’s ability to boost your fat-burning ability for faster weight loss. However, there is no magic pill for weight loss, so you’ll need to combine the power of this secret fat-burning spice with a healthy, balanced diet, and regular exercise to get the results you’ve been wanting. And believe me – you CAN get there!


NOTE: Always check with your doctor before adding any dietary supplement to your weight loss, or health regimen.



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LCR Health Products are Gluten-Free, and That’s a Good Thing

LCR Health Products

LCR Health products such as Active-PK and Active Stem are free of many potentially harmful ingredients, including additives, preservatives and lactose. You also won’t find any gluten – and if you are sensitive to this substance, you know how important that is. These are just some of the reasons why many of us need to avoid gluten whenever possible.


What is Gluten?

If the term “gluten” reminds you of “glue,” there’s a good reason. Gluten, in a manner of speaking, acts as a type of glue, helping hold different kinds of food together so that they retain their shape. It helps to ensure the elasticity of dough and is also the reason that bread rises when it’s baked.

What is Gluten

Gluten is the term that describes a group of proteins that are usually found in barley, rye, wheat and other grains. The two most prevalent proteins in the gluten group are glutenin and gliadin – the latter is the one that is most responsible for gluten having a bad name.


Why Does Gluten Have Such a Bad Reputation?

The vast majority of us have absolutely no problem tolerating gluten, but, for those people who have a problem with gluten, they can suffer from some serious problems. These are just a few of them.

  • Celiac disease – This is the most severe form of sensitivity to gluten. Not only does it result in the immune system attacking the proteins, it also causes the immune system to attack enzymes in digestive tract cells. This, in turn, causes the intestinal wall to degenerate, leading to problems such as fatigue, anemia and a wide range of digestive problems. Celiac disease tends to affect the elderly more often than younger people.1
  • Brain disorders – Gluten typically affects the digestive tract but can also affect the brain. Consuming gluten can lead to a condition known as gluten-sensitive idiopathic neuropathy, which can either exacerbate or directly cause several types of neurological illnesses. The most common one is cerebellar ataxia, a severe disease that can lead to a loss of coordination and balance, and, in some instances, can even affect the ability to speak.
  • Other adverse effects – Research shows that gluten can worsen symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). One study involved 34 IBS sufferers who were divided into two groups. One group ate a diet containing gluten, while another followed a gluten-free diet. According to the results, the group consuming gluten suffered more fatigue, bloating, pain and other problems than the gluten-free group.2


The Benefits of Gluten-Free Products From LCR Health

LCR health offers two products, Active Stem and Active-PK, that are designed to provide users with several important benefits. Here’s some quick information on both.

  • Active Stem – This product combines several powerful ingredients designed to help increase the production of stem cells. Benefits include not only increased strength in the joints and muscles, but also improved cognitive function. Active Stem contains powerful ingredients, including vitamin D3, green tea extract, leucine, L-carnosine and blueberry extract.
  • Active-PK – Active PK helps not only inhibit the development of abdominal fat, it also provides users with more energy and a clearer mind. Active PK works by stimulating an enzyme in the body known as AMPK. This enzyme plays a critical role in directing the body to convert fat into energy rather than continuing to store it. This leads to a reduction in food cravings and fatigue as well as a slimmer waist.


While you should always speak to a doctor before taking any sort of supplement, LCR Health only includes safe, natural ingredients in both Active Stem and Active-PK. The company sends its products to an independent laboratory for testing to ensure they meet all standards regarding purity as well as quality.

A 30-day supply of Active Stem costs $46.99, while a 90-day supply (three bottles) costs $117 with free shipping and handling. A 180-day supply (six bottles) costs $214.27, and this also includes free shipping and handling.

Active-PK costs $46.99 for a 30-day supply, and $117 for a 90-day supply (also three bottles). The cost is only $216 for six bottles – a 180-day supply. Three- and six-bottle purchases come with free shipping and handling.

Although the manufacturer is supremely confident in the effectiveness of its products, LCR Health realizes that different people will experience different results. If, for any reason, you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact LCR Health. You’ll receive instructions on how to return the bottles in order to obtain a full refund with no hassles.





Designated Survivor Actress Maggie Q Talks Health

Actress Maggie Q Talks Health

When you’re a series regular on a network thriller, your job becomes your life. Unlike HBO or Netflix, where you’d be lucky to film 8 episodes in a season, network television still churn out a whopping 20+ episodes and Designated Survivor is no different. Maggie Q currently plays the role of ballsy FBI agent, Hannah Wells, on the ABC thriller opposite Kiefer Sutherland.

To keep up with that kind of schedule, optimal health is a necessity, and you need only look at Maggie Q to see that she absolutely beams health and wellness. But for many years she was hiding a secret behind that sleek and toned physique. While she may have been kicking butt in such action films as Mission Impossible III and Live Free and Die Hard, the actress was feeling anything but healthy behind closed doors.


“I Felt Helpless …”

For many years, Maggie Q was tackling an unknown and debilitating health issue in private. One she couldn’t talk about publicly. Those she did talk to  – the many and varied doctors that she visited – couldn’t give her any answers. Maggie Q says,

“I’ll share something very personal with you. My health issues started about 12 years ago. At the time, I felt helpless, because there were so many doctors that couldn’t help me, didn’t know enough about nutrition, and I wasn’t able to articulate what my problems were.


Maggie Q


In my case, it was a swollen, bloated belly that robbed me of my confidence and I, I mean, it made me feel so unattractive. So I started eating well, but I was still feeling bad. Irritable bowels caused me to bloat and I felt tired all the time. I would have puffy eyes – even when I would get enough sleep – which made me look like crap and hurt my confidence even further. Little did I know, it was all related to digestion.”


So, She Went Looking For Answers

Much like her character Hannah on Designated Survivor, Maggie Q took it upon herself to research the truth. She needed to find answers where no one else could find them.

Her health research led her to discover two key things:

  • That digestive issues affect people of all shapes and sizes:

“It doesn’t matter if you are thick or thin, if you eat meat or are a vegetarian. I know, because even cutting out all the foods I was told were bad for me didn’t help.”

2) Dr. Edison de Mello. A physician at the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica CA. Dr. de Mello was able to lead Maggie Q on a journey back to optimal health through his East-meets-West approach and his full understanding of nutrition and the digestive system:

“I’ve never experienced such a comprehensive and loving approach to understanding my own body.”

These factors, alongside a shared philosophy with Dr. de Mello that centered around treating the  whole person – mind, body and spirit – are what propelled Maggie Q into co-founding a health platform with the doctor. A health platform that would provide easily accessible information, community support and key supplements for those who find themselves lost in similar circumstances. That platform became ActivatedYou.


The ActivatedYou System

With ActivatedYou, Maggie Q and Dr. de Mello wanted to create a probiotic product that was not just saying, ‘Here’s your product. Good luck.’ They wanted to provide a support network, a real community,

“We ended up coming together and really wanting to help people. We had the same mandate –  We both knew that people needed to hear our stories, understand what our challenges were, and that we were no different from them. Eventually, Dr. de Mello and I knew we were going to create something together that was going to help people.”

Maggie Q describes the results of taking ActivatedYou’s 30-strain Advanced Restorative Probiotic blend as a “magic moment”. Though you never know when it will first happen, it will happen.

“When you wake up one day and realize that something is different. Your senses are more powerful, you’re more alert, you’re more centered, and on point. The air feels crisp. Your body feels alive. Your serotonin levels have soared, and you just feel like everything is, is right. Then you realize that’s the way you were supposed to feel all along.”

ActivatedYou melds the latest advances in science and the wisdom of Eastern tradition into a uniquely potent proprietary blend. One that targets your digestive system to deliver smoother digestion, reduced gas and bloating, enhanced energy levels, and improved mood and immune function. It also leaves you with fewer overall health problems. In other words, it encourages optimal health.


Maggie Q Wants To Support You

After 12 agonizing years of her own poor health, Maggie Q wants to make sure that others don’t suffer for as long as she has,

“The first thing I wanna tell you is … do not blame yourself. To figure this out, I had to visit, no joke, 10 different doctors. And, it’s so important to break that image that there is no issue and that there is no challenge … Hopefully, the residual effect of this information will be something that people will use for the rest of their lives. This was our mandate and what we’re doing with ActivatedYou.”

8 Things You Can Do To Stimulate Hair Growth

You Can Do To Stimulate Hair Growth

With two-thirds of American men experiencing some degree of hair loss by age 35, and women accounting for up to 40 percent of hair loss sufferers in the United States, hair loss is in no way a rare condition.

However, it can be an incredibly emotional and lonely journey for anyone that experiences thinning or loss of hair.

Almost all of the commonly used over-the-counter products today contain Minoxidil, and though Minoxidil is approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment, this doesn’t mean it is the best or safest choice.

Minoxidil was initially designed as a blood pressure medication and people do commonly present with side effects which may include burning, dermatitis, weight gain, unwanted facial hair, headaches, chest pain, or rapid heartbeat. Minoxidil should not be used by people being treated for heart disease nor pregnant women.

But what if there were more natural ways to stimulate new hair growth. Products and methods that you could feel safer using.


Here’s 8 things that you can do to stimulate hair growth, without the use of minoxidil.

  1. Juvetress


JuveTress is a revitalizing hair therapy treatment that was developed by award-winning, board-certified dermatologist, Dr Hal Weitzbuch.

JuveTress Revitalizing Hair Therapy utilizes a potent, scientifically-formulated, and safe blend of natural polyphenols and peptides intended to work together to “reactivate” the hair follicle stem cells and thicken existing shafts. When this happens, hair can begin to naturally grow back thicker, fuller, and healthier.

JuveTress Revitalizing Hair Therapy

The easy-to-use formula is tested for quality and purity by an independent, 3rd-party facility and has been graded as having pharmaceutical level purity and to be 100% safe.


JuveTress Revitalizing Hair Therapy contains:

  • Active silicones that act as a molecular “switch” to turn on hair growth and work to soothe and nourish the scalp to provide a favorable environment for hair growth.


  • A synergistic combination of Scutellaria baicalensis, soy and wheat sprouts work together to protect against oxidative damage, activate stem cells, increase cell proliferation and enhance the metabolic activity of cells.


  1. Peppermint


Peppermint oil (mentha piperita) is a natural stimulant that creates a tingling, invigorating sensation that can help boost blood circulation and may also help to stimulate hair follicles. It is full of anti-bacterial properties to prevent yeast colonies and other bacteria from growing and it balances pH levels which both encourage a healthy scalp environment. Peppermint extract is also found in Juvetress. *Always dilute peppermint oil with a neutral carrier oil


  1. Green Tea

Another natural extract that you’ll also find in Juvetress is green tea (camellia sinensis). Green Tea is a rich antioxidant that has a calming effect when applied to the hair and scalp. It soothes the inflamed hair follicles to create an ideal environment for healthy hair re-growth. Recent studies have suggested that it is green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate healthy hair growth. A study in South Korea determined that green tea extract can cause significant human hair follicle growth and may prolong the natural anagen, or hair growth, cycle. [1] 


  1. Black Pepper Fruit

Peppercorn (piper nigrum) is rich in vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins C and K. The antimicrobial and antioxidant [2] properties of Black Pepper help cleanse the scalp of impurities to optimize hair growth. It’s also thought to stimulate hair growth because it has shown anti-androgenic properties in initial phases – that is, it inhibits DHT testosterone which has been linked to hair loss. Piper nigrum is likewise found in the Juvetress formula.


  1. Rosemary

The rosemary plant (rosmarinus officinalis) is high in antioxidants, and a good source of iron and vitamin B6. Rosemary also helps stimulate cell renewal. A clinical study in 2015 compared the use of rosemary oil and 2% minoxidil in the treatment of alopecia, and both the minoxidil and the rosemary group experienced the same significant increase in hair count. [3]  Scalp itching, however, was only prevalent in the minoxidil group. Rosemary extract is found in Juvetress Revitalizing Hair Therapy.


  1. Biotin

Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins and is essential for cell growth. Biotin helps regulate hormone levels and is important for the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. It’ss a popular nutritional supplement for the treatment of hair loss and you’ll also find it in Juvetress. A recent study determined that biotin may safely and effectively promote significant hair growth in women with temporary hair thinning. [4] Biotin can be found chiefly in egg yolk, nuts and legumes, whole grains, dairy products and oily fish like salmon and tuna.


  1. Brushing Your Hair

Gently brushing your hair on a daily basis with a natural bristle brush can stimulate your hair follicles and encourage hair growth. This is because it increases the blood flow to your scalp. Your hair follicles receive nutrients from a tight network of capillaries across your scalp. As you brush your hair, the brush can act as a tool to massage the scalp, which would increase the blood flow to these tiny capillaries, amping up nutrient delivery. Though not necessarily effective alone, gentle brushing combined with the use of a natural product like Juvetress has the potential to improve follicle stimulation even more. Always brush carefully so as not to tear at the hair follicles.


  1. Massage

In addition to brushing your hair, you can undertake an actual scalp massage for the same reasons. Pick a stimulating essential oil such as almond, peppermint or rosemary or you can even substitute eggs yolks which are rich in biotin. Use a scalp massaging brush or your fingers – applying pressure in a slightly circular motion with each finger. Do this for about 1-2 seconds for each spot then keep moving about your head.